Nick Agule

Email: nick.agule@yahoo.co.uk

Twitter: @NickAgule

On Tuesday, 29th June 2021, I voluntarily attended a blood bank and donated my blood. Exactly a week after, yesterday, 6th July 2021, I received a text message that my blood has now been donated to a patient at the Whittington Hospital. My blood is now running in the body of another human being.

I don’t know this person and they don’t know me. They could be male or female, white or black or Asian or any other ethnicity. They could be Christian, Jewish or Muslim or any other faith or profess no faith. They could be rich or poor, educated or uneducated. They could be young or old, straight or gay, beautiful or ugly, fat or slim, employed or jobless, able or disable. The only thing that unites me and this patient is our blood, we are the same blood!

My prayer is for this patient to heal and leave the hospital. But imagine this patient sees me on the way or encounters me in any other situation and just hates me because of the colour of my skin or the religion I profess or my social status or just for any other reason or no reason at all! These posers may sound rhetorical, but people are discriminating against other people daily on this basis, and in extreme cases people have been killed just for being who they were born to be!

It will do this world a great deal of good if we ALWAYS look at each other with the eyes that we are all God’s creation made from one blood bank! Discrimination does no one good — both the perpetrator and the victim all suffer! Let love lead! Let’s see God in each other!




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