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By Nick Agule

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I have developed a theory of humanity from my lived experience of 55 years as a human called:


It goes this way:

5 — That 5% of humans have the genes of Jesus Christ. They do good whether there are controls or not, whether there is law enforcement or not, whether someone is looking or not!

90 — That 90% of humans have the genes of humans. They do good if there are controls, law enforcement and people are watching. They do bad in the absence of these!

5 — That 5% of humans have the genes of satan. They do bad whether there are controls or not, whether there is law enforcement or not, whether someone is looking or not!

Societies that do well:

1. Give national awards/honours to those with the genes of Jesus Christ

2. Withdraw from society those with genes of satan and quarantine them in prisons!

3. Thus they sanitise and make the environment conducive for the 100% to live in and enjoy!

Societies that are experiencing anarchy like Nigeria:

1. They withdraw those with genes of Jesus Christ from their jobs and from society and put them in prison!

2. They give national awards/honours to those with the genes of satan!

3. Thus they create an environment of anarchy, disorder, chaos and bloodshed for the 100% to live in.


All humans are the same. They all respond to the environment they find themselves in in a similar way! that is why you take a Nigerian behaving lawlessly in Nigeria and plant him in an environment elsewhere with law enforcement and he/she will behave well. Similarly as we saw in Lagos recently, a diplomat who is from an environment of lawfulness travelled to Nigeria and was caught on camera urinating on a highway, a grave act of lawlessness but he was only responding to an environment he finds himself that permits such acts.

The question is, who puts in place an environment of law enforcement?

The answer is the LEADERS!

The next question is, are the leaders not part of the people? how can they behave differently from the people and install an environment of lawfulness?

The answer is that leaders are not the same as the led. Leaders are a chosen class whose conduct and behaviour is above those of the people they lead. Because a sheep cannot lead sheep! neither can a blind lead the blind. Leaders are lions who lead sheep even though both of them are animals. A leader is endowed with qualities that enable him/her to lead the people and guide them on the right track! unfortunately in places such as Nigeria we wish for the leaders to be even sheep but they are wolves who instead of leading the sheep are busy preying on the sheep and slaughtering the sheep!

Next question is, how can a place like Nigeria identify good leaders (lions) and install them to lead the people?

The answer is the electoral process. We already know the good leaders in every community, LG, state and country! but these good leaders are never given a chance to lead because the wolves have occupied the space. There is nobody who can dislodge the wolves to install good leaders for us except we do it by ourselves!

Last question is, how do we do it?

The answer is:

1. Get your PVC ready! voter registration begins next month for fresh registrations and revalidations. Transfer your PVC to your current residence if you have moved! we have no choice here, this is the minimum we ALL of voting age must do! don’t say votes don’t matter, we are the ones to make the votes count! don’t sell our votes for a plate or cheap porridge as suffering for another 4 years will be our portion!

2. Join the political process. Register and take membership of a political party so that you can have a voice in deciding who the candidates for elections will be in the first place. This is for those who can.

3. Stand to be elected into political office. We say politics is a dirty game but sit in the comfort of our homes expecting good governance (food) to be cooked and delivered to us from the dirty kitchen called politics, we will keep waiting in vain! the only way is to move into the kitchen (politics) to sanitise it so that good food will come from the kitchen!

God will not come down and create an orderly society for us to all enjoy. We have to do it ourselves. We can only pray for God’s guidance and help! Sheep and wolves will always step forward to lead, the action to stop them rests squarely with us!

Happy Sunday!